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Role Management Matrix of CRMS

Agent/ Merchandiser Create, Edit, DeleteXXY
Contact Group View, Create, Edit, DeleteViewAllAll
Contact Assign under a GroupOwnAllAll
Contact View, Create, Edit, DeleteOwnAll All
Contact Assign to Other Agents XYY
Contact Assign under a CompanyYYY
Company Assign under a ContactYYY
Company Assign to Other AgentsXYY
Company View, Create, Edit, Delete OwnAll All
Schedule View Create, Edit, DeleteOwnAllAll
Schedule Assign To Other AgentsAllAllAll
Log View Create, Edit, DeleteOwnAllAll
Activities ViewOwnAll All
Save Note on Contact & CompanyOwnAllAll
Save Note Edit & DeleteOwnAllAll
Task Assign on Contact & CompanyAllAllAll
Task Edit & DeleteOwnAllAll
Export All Contact InformationXXY
Export All Company InformationXXY
Export All Agent InformationXXY
View All ReportsOwnAllAll

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